1. Must be a life member of the MASP for at least one year. Must be:
    1. presenting an oral free paper(s)/poster, or
    2. attending as an invited speaker, or
    3. representing the Society
  2. Must be attending one of the following meetings held outside Malaysia:
    1. World Congress of Pain (IASP)
    2. Congress of the Asian and Oceanic Society of Regional Anaesthesia (AOSRA)
    3. Congress of the Association of South East Asian Pain societies (ASEAPS)
    4. Scientific Meeting/Congress of any ASEAPS member society
    5. Scientific meeting /Congress of SIG of IASP (e.g. Neuropathic pain, Pain in Childhood)
  3. Must apply in advance to the Executive Committee for approval before going for the conferences.
  4. For free papers, the study must not have been presented, in part or as a whole, at an overseas or international conference before.
    1. Overseas conference refers to any meeting held outside Malaysia
    2. International conference refers to any meeting where the sponsoring body is a regional organisation. 
    3. Part of the study refers to previous presentation in which similar conclusions were derived using data from the study.
  5. Must not have received a financial subsidy (for presentation of free papers or as an invited speaker) from the Society in the previous year. This means that members are only allowed one subsidy every two years except when officially representing the Society.
  6. Must not have made any false declarations to the Society previously.
  7. Must obtain the agreement of the co-authors that he/she be allowed to present the paper.

Financial Consideration

  1. The amount of subsidy will depend on the region where the meeting is held. At the present point in time, the maximum amounts, are:
    1. Within ASEAN RM2000
    2. Asia/Australia RM3000
    3. Europe/S Africa/America RM5000
    • The amount of subsidy shall not be more than the cost of registration (not including pre- or post- conference workshop), accommodation and airfare.
    • Members who have received sponsorship from government agency or private industry should declare in advance and are entitled up to 50% of the maximum subsidy for registration, accommodation, and airfare that were not covered by the sponsorship.
    • For the World Congress of Pain (IASP), members who have received the financial aid award are entitled to 50% of the maximum subsidy.
  2. Priority categories will be of the following order:
    1. Invited Key speakers (Plenary lecturers), with or without outside sponsorship
    2. Invited speakers without outside sponsorship
    3. Oral free paper presenters without outside sponsorship
    4. Invited speakers with outside sponsorship
    5. Oral free paper presenters with outside sponsorship
    6. Presenters of poster presentations, with or without outside sponsorship
  3. Designated Conferences
    At the beginning of each financial year, the Executive Committee will decide which of the conferences mentioned in Criteria B above will be designated as conferences in which members may apply for a subsidy. When making the decision, the Executive Committee will consider the following factors.
    1. Priority will be given to IASP World Congress, AOSRA Congress, ASEAPS Congress
    2. Priority will be given to conferences within the ASEAN region
    3. The financial position of the Society
  4. Limiting total amount of subsidy per conference (Capping)
    1. The Executive Committee reserves the right to set a lower limit to the amount of subsidy to be given in order to allow proper budgeting
    2. In order to prevent the capped limit from being exceeded, the Executive Committee reserves the right to decrease number of successful applicants
  5. Delegates appointed by the Society will automatically enjoy the subsidy without need for further application. Such appointments must be recorded in the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.

Approval of subsidy for invited speakers/presenters of free papers

  1. Selection Committee
    1. Executive committee of MASP
  2. Function:
    1. To review the submitted abstracts and make a decision
  3. Selection Process
    1. A copy of the abstract sent by the organizing committee of the conference,
      together with the letter of acceptance/invitation, must be sent to the Selection Committee.
    2. A cover letter must be completed in full and returned to the Selection Committee. This cover letter will include:
      1. a declaration by the applicant that all the criteria have been met
      2. a declaration by the applicant of all financial support obtained from other sources for the purpose of attending the conference
      3. a declaration by the applicant that agreement of the co-authors, that the applicant be allowed to present the paper, has been received
      4. certification by the Head of Department or Director of Research in the Institution where the study was carried out 
      5. a statement by the applicant agreeing to the decision of the Executive Committee with regard to the application and amount of subsidy granted.
    3. The Hon Secretary will inform unsuccessful applicants within a reasonable time interval. Unsuccessful applicants can appeal to the Executive Committee. The decision of the Executive Committee when considering an appeal will be final.
    4. Reimbursement will be done by the Treasurer after the conference with official receipt and proof of attendance received within 3 months after conference

This policy is subject to review from time to time by the Executive Committee and will depend on the prevailing financial position of the Society.


Adopted by Executive Committee on 10 March 2020